Our Story


About Us:
The Coffee Compound is an independent, locally owned coffee shop in Ogden, Utah, focused on providing perfectly brewed coffee, consistently great specialty drinks, and superior customer service. From the owners to the baristas, we all share that objective.

Our Coffee/Espresso:
We get our coffee and espresso from a local Salt Lake City roaster, one of the best in all of Utah. They source green beans from all over the world, a minimum of 14 different countries at a time. Their buyers contract growers in selected regions that they visit yearly to ensure the highest quality coffee,… Aribica Fair Trade beans and organic coffee that’s triple certified. Their beans are air cooled; their decaffeinated coffee is water decaffeinated.

The Story:
Yvette Torres worked in the service industry for over 15 years before, in 2008, she decided to start her own business. Together with her husband, she purchased their first coffee shop, part of a local coffee franchise. Initially located in Roy, Yvette soon developed a concept for a better coffee shop experience and established her own place, The Coffee Compound.

Originating from an idea Yvette had and everything else soon followed. after that. Many people from outside of Utah honestly believe polygamy runs vast and rampant in Utah, with every man being “blessed” with more than one wife. Utahans know that is not true, but Yvette decided to use the humorous/tongue and cheek side of polygamy. Well known polygamy live in compounds, thus, “The Coffee Compound.” The Coffee Compound’s motto “When One Cup Isn’t Enough” should be self-explanatory.

The Mission:
Coffee and customers are our number one priority. We believe our customers come to The Coffee Compound to buy coffee, therefore, we give you coffee, not milk. If our customers wanted milk, they would go to the grocery store. Unlike other coffee shops, our espresso drinks are focused on espresso. We could make more money if we did what they do: focus on milk and syrup, but that is not our goal. All our espresso based drinks have the best espresso to milk ratio: 12 oz – 2 shots, 16 oz – 3 shots, 20 oz – 4 shots and 24 oz – 5 shots. The Coffee Compound “family” strive to provide that “most delicious” coffee on a consistent basis. Consistency is always at the forefront. We want all our customers to know that no matter which barista makes their drink it will always be the same. At The Coffee Compound, we want our customers to always have: consistently tasting coffee and espresso based drinks, a clean and inviting atmosphere to utilize from socializing to studying to meetings with all the amenities (baked goods, sandwiches, music nights, etc.) to make The Coffee Compound the #1 coffee shop in Ogden.

It took a great deal of hard work to create an atmosphere that would be inviting to our customers from all walks of life. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcomed and as if, The Coffee Compound, was designed, specifically with them in mind.

Please note, we do not single out any special groups because we want everyone to know ANYONE is welcome here!

We provide free WIFI to our customers. We have plenty of tables and outlets if necessary. But, if a quiet room is what you are looking for, we are able to accommodate that need too. We have a meeting room, where the door can be shut to give you or your group the privacy needed.

Occasionally, we provide art displays, pinterest parties and live music – something inviting and different to the normal happenings of Downtown Ogden.

Our philosophy is quite simple: excellent consistency, with great customer service. At The Coffee Compound, we never want our customers to be concerned about which barista is working and going to make their drink. We want all our customers to rest assure that, regardless of who is making their drink, it will be made and taste the same at every visit. If our customers have to be concerned about who is making their drinks then, we have failed our customers. Coffee is good – having your coffee made the same way, each and every time you come, well….that’s what you deserve, and that is what makes that drink extra delicious and wonderful!!

It is our policy at The Coffee Compound to ensure that each and every customer is fully satisfied with their experience with us. If you experience any problem, please let us know immediately so we can provide you the drink you desire.

The Coffee Compound:
Where One Cup Isn’t Enough, we give you coffee not milk/sugar and where everyone knows your name!

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